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“ISB’s Got Talent!” 2021 - A Show Like Never Before!

The 2021 edition of “ISB’s Got Talent” was unlike any Talent Show that our school has ever seen, as it was fully student run! Everything from the audition process to decorating the theatre and hosting the show was organized by year 13 students Daria D., Ilinca S., Christian S. and Head Boy Filip C, with Ayse O. and Paul B. as the hosts. The auditions took place from the 22nd-26th of November, and 27 students auditioned with a total of 18 acts. In the end 19 talented students were chosen, and 15 acts were scheduled for the show.

Aesthetically, this year's edition was themed around the idea of “Hollywood Cinema”, so the theater was decorated with glamorous handmade decorations made by our talented year 10 IGCSE art students, including cardboard cutouts of popcorn, theatre masks, clapperboards and silver musical notes. Due to the pandemic, a limited number of students were able to view the show in the theatre, and the rest of the students watched it through Zoom in their classrooms. It was a truly magical and artistic event, and the buzz of excitement could be felt in the air.

The performers were as follows: Maia L. performing an acrobatics dance, Leia L. singing, Iani M. playing drums, Alma P. singing and playing ukulele, Izzak N. singing, Fu T. playing piano, Emir K. singing and rapping, Liza V. singing and playing the guitar, Tessa S. singing, Ricardo S. and Ramy A. singing and performing comedy, Teodora G. and Evelin I. singing and playing piano and guitar, Shyrin S. solving a rubik's cube, Chira N. playing piano, Anastasia D. singing and playing ukulele, and finally Jade A., Vanessa A. and Maria I. dancing a traditional Middle Eastern dance.

In the end, the voting was carried out by the audience through a form, so that the opinion of the student body could be represented. 3rd place was won by Tessa S., 2nd place was won by Emir K., and finally, 1st place was won by the dynamic duo - Ricardo S. and Rami A.! The winners won 50, 75 and 100 lei gift cards respectively, as well as delicious chocolates. All of the winners will also get to participate in a cafeteria party to celebrate their success! We want to congratulate everyone that participated, and thank them for their hard work.

Overall, the event was a real crowd pleaser and a great success. It will definitely be a memorable edition of the ISB Talent Show tradition within our school, which is a key component of Art’s Week. We want to thank all of our extraordinarily talented and courageous performers once again, as well as our charismatic hosts that brought the show to the next level, and ended up having a fan base of their own. We cannot wait to see how next year’s edition will turn out, and we hope that everyone enjoyed this special event, as much as we enjoyed organizing it!

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