Our Magazines

Our magazines are a crucial part of The Nest, as they are the most comprehensive and collaborative demonstration of our work. Our talented artists and writers work together to create gorgeous magazines that demonstrate what The Nest team is capable of. Our magazines also represent transformation and adaptability. When The Nest project first started we were determined to create magazines in the traditional physical format that can be shared to students, teachers and parents within our school.


However, when the pandemic started we had to switch or magazines to an online format, as printing magazines was not available. Nonetheless, there is a silver lining to every situation, as our digital magazine format allows us to share our magazines with people from outside our school community too, spreading our message and our work even further. We thank all of the students that have helped us create our magazines, with articles and artworks alike, and we invite you to have a read of them!

Magazine cover design credits:

October 2020 by Sofia S. 10B

December 2020 by Anastasia 10S

February 2021 by Matei H. 13I