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OPINION: You Can't Improve Your Grades

(Yes, you can; the title is lying)

Ever had that voice in your head that tries to keep you down? Maybe it’s not even in your head, maybe it’s one of those more pessimistic (loser) friends that thinks they know everything.

Two things you need to remember: Don’t listen to the voices, don’t listen to the ones who want to keep you down.

The school held a mock SAT session last Saturday. For the ones who don’t know what the SAT is- It’s the American version of the Baccalaureate, or, in our case, the IB. Back on topic, I did the mock exam along with some other colleagues- great people, by the way. I ended up getting 1240, 1600 being the maximum score you can get. The moment I found that out, I felt like a God- 1240? Without a second of study? Yeah, SATs rock! A few individuals, I won’t name them, didn’t share my righteous enthusiasm. Apparently it’s a “bad score” and “I won’t improve that much”. I’ll tell you what’s bad- that attitude is bad. It keeps you stagnant, like a legume. With that mindset, you’re no better than a pickle. That’s a fact.

So let me ask you this- are you struggling? Good. It means you’re learning. No matter how bad you may be at something, you can, and will, improve if you set your mind to do it. I use the word “bad” not because I’m harsh, but because it’s appropriate. Everyone is bad at something- I’m bad at math, you’re bad at math, as well, unless you’re not (congrats!!!). Any sort of attempt to replace “bad” with other, softer terms just fails to get the point that you gotta improve across, you can’t deny that! In any case, you’ll always be bad at something- and that’s a good thing. It means you’re a human, not some lab creature or robot. You can improve that skill if you feel like it, you just have to find it in yourself to do it.

So next time someone tells you “that’s a bad score.” or that you “won’t improve.”, don’t listen. You’re already above them.

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1 Comment

Sep 27, 2021

Great article as always, Filip!

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