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Lockdown Entertainment!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

We find ourselves in a global pandemic with no end in sight and spending endless hours in our homes. Time becomes your greatest enemy. It suffocates you, makes you wish that you could speed it up or just skip it. I understand everyone who feels this way. I suppose many want this pandemic to end, and if speeding time up is the solution, then I’ll take it. Sadly, this is impossible. Best I can do is recommend some great stuff to watch during these trying times. They are not in any particular order, so keep that in mind!

The 100

Set 97 years after a nuclear war that wiped out most of humankind, 100 juvenile detainees are sent back on the planet to assess its degree of habitability from the space station that houses what is left of humanity, the Ark. It appears that humanity is on its way to reclaim the planet, doesn't it? Wrong. The 100 “colonists” soon encounter challenges

from the now mutated environment of the planet, but also from within their own ranks.

Meanwhile, on the Ark, something’s not right either. Overpopulation and rampant corruption are only two of the issues plaguing the last bastion of humanity. The administration of the space station suffers from infighting and its authoritarian tendency only worsens this problem.

The link between the 100 and their home is a fragile one, marked by mistakes from both sides. The near-constant evolution between them and the Ark- their parents’ home makes the show worth watching! Not to mention other interesting encounters… I wouldn’t want to spoil anything, after all!

Peaky Blinders

Scarred by war, the British Empire is plagued by crime and poverty. Some men thrive in this environment. Tommy Shelby is one of them.

Engaging and suspenseful are two words that can be used to describe this hit series. History, as it seems, can be entertaining and interesting; yes, the show is based on real events! Did I mention

Credit: Cavaleria Churchill gets involved?

I found Peaky Blinders’ way of creating conflict to be particularly interesting, though. Family arguments are brought to a whole new level when weapon trafficking is involved, this being highlighted by the nearly flawless acting.

A crime-drama with a bit of soap mixed in is the best way to put it. A must watch!

Comrades, life is beautiful! (Tales from the Golden Age)

Romanian cinema has its gems here and there. This collection of stories represents life in a

dictatorship, in which the average person was under the boot of the communist party and the secret police, Securitatea.

I see it as an insight in the lives of most Romanians that lived during those times, including my parents, and maybe yours as well. The seemingly monotonous lives of the working class was riddled with fear. Credits: Screen Daily

Grandiose celebrations that everyone took part in, but not because they wanted to, and many others.

All of these realities of Communism have been consecrated as “legends”, and will probably be remembered for a long time. Some for their hilarity, some for their painful realism, but nonetheless remembered.

The movie is in Romanian, however there are English subtitles.

All of the material listed above is available on Netflix.

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