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Happy Teachers' Day!

Google’s definition of Teachers' Day mentions a special day in which teachers are shown appreciation for the effort and dedication they put into teaching their students. We celebrate our teachers for their commitment to our well-being and futures. More traditional ways of showing appreciation include buying flowers, writing cards, serving chocolate, or special activities. However, during the pandemic, it’s important to keep physical distance, so here are some ideas of gifts that are covid-safe :

  1. Making a thank you video - a few seconds from each student talking about their teacher, combined into a short movie; easily produced through iMovie or other video-editing platforms.

  2. Creating a slideshow/PowerPoint - every student could have one slide in which they can express their gratitude through any media.

  3. Writing an email - our school has provided the opportunity to contact your teachers through email. You can leave them a small, more specific note, which will certainly brighten their day.

While school may not be the most interesting place, teachers spend their time creating the best learning environment for their students and keep a balance between teaching and entertaining us.

We would like to thank all of the teachers at ISB, hopefully reminding them that we truly value them. Congratulations, have a wonderful day!

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