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Fall 2020 fashion trends

Updated: Oct 28, 2020


“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak it”- Rachel Zoe

From early on, fashion was used as a form of art, it helped the creator and wearer express a certain feeling, or indirectly make a statement. To me, fashion is one’s statement of self-expression and individuality. A person’s wardrobe, more often than not, reflects their personality, a one way mirror if you like. A good outfit has the ability to make us feel better, boosting our confidence and even empowering us. True enough the power comes from its wearer, but we can channel those feelings through a leather jacket, a pair of boots or some smart dress pants. The entire “ meaning” of fashion is hard to put into words as it differs from individual to individual.

As the legend Tom Ford once said : “ People will stare. Make it worth their while.” Here are a few must have fashion items and inspirations for autumn 2020 that will help you make a statement.

Autumn is all about neutral and nude tones, white, cream, grey, nude pink, brown adding on top of that the usual autumn colours orange, yellow and jade green with dark red.

First off, we have the classic, long coat. A good option for a smart and classy look. Paired with boots or oxford smart shoes and dress pants. Sophisticated and empowering.

Or for a more casual alternative switch to jeans and a pair of comfortable shoes.

You can never have enough sweaters. For an effortless chic and stylish look. Whether it’s long sleeved or vest like.

The added stark white dress shirt underneath with the popped colour is a ritzy alternative for school days.

Layers, layers, layers. With the weather getting chillin, our new challenge is keeping warm but stylish without looking like a dumped pile of clothes. Don’t be afraid to add a long trench coat over a floor length skirt or some dress pants. Knee high boots and a long scarf that you can pin at the waist with your belt of choice.

These are just a few ideas from which you all can take inspiration and develop your own style. Fashion is a part of who you are. Remember you look the best when you feel the best.

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