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Boredom and Exhaustion: The Red Pilled Guide

Being stuck on something is something we’ve all experienced multiple times. You may just lack the energy or motivation to do it. You may not have the inspiration- writer’s block or some other problem, but I’d argue they all stem from a lack of energy.

We’ve all been there, though, you can’t deny that.

Yeah, being stuck is pretty bad, especially when you’re tired and would rather do something else, but still have the damn thing in the back of your head, living rent-free in your mind until you get around to actually finishing it. Everyone would agree, there are many such cases!

Ok, let’s get practical- Are you bored? Good, it’s natural, that means you’re normal. Now unbore yourself, you know how to do that better than I do, being bored is boring, man. Unbored? Good, now get to work, you’ll thank yourself later, you’ll say “ I was so smart when I listened to you and stopped being bored! Thank you, Filip!” and I’ll tell you “You’re welcome, bro! Glad you made it.”

Not bored? Many such cases! You’re in luck, though. The title reads “ Boredom and EXHAUSTION”, so I still may be of some help if I missed my last point. Are you tired, do you feel like sleeping? Then Sleep.

“But what if I don’t wake up in time?” Use an alarm, easy.

“I won’t be able to sleep at night if I go to sleep during the day!!” You’re tired because you don’t sleep enough at night in the first place.

Just remember that freshening up after sleeping is important, VERY important. Make sure you are well fed and smell good before going anywhere. Don’t skip breakfast, it’s like shooting yourself in the leg (i.e. not good). Brush your teeth, for obvious reasons and apply deodorant or perfume. Now try doing that in 20 minutes and you’ll get a blood surge that will make you pumped for the rest of the day, I know what I’m talking about, dude!

IMPORTANT- Don’t throw replacements at your basic needs, that’s how you destroy yourself. Caffeine, sugar and fats are your friends until they make your heart burst, literally, so pick your friends wisely.

Fun fact: sugar makes you tired in the long term, google it, it’s true.

Another fun fact: I’m an IB student and I didn’t touch a drop of coffee for my entire life- true story!

Takeaway? Getting rid of that annoying tired sensation is easier than you think. Make sure you have a good morning routine, it defines your whole day. You can work without artificial supplements as well. Everything I just said is a fact.

So if it wasn’t clear enough, the moment you tackle your needs the healthy way, you’ll be a machine, ready to take on the world. I can confirm it. Now go out and make me proud.


I know what I’m talking about.

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