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A Review of “Plandemic- Indoctornation“- a COVID-19 conspiracy

WAKE UP SHEEPLE! Sike. I won't deny the existence of the pandemic or the virus because that's dumb. I am, however heavily interested in conspiracy theories regarding this topic though. You could call it a hobby, I guess. Anyway, I watched "Plandemic- Indoctornation" and felt like sharing my experience. Also, yes, they did write "inDOCTORnation" instead of "indoctrination"

Ok so, just to clear the waters, I don't condone this documentary nor its suspicion of vaccines, but I believe that freedom of expression is one of the most sacred rights we have, so everyone should be heard out, no matter their opinion.

I'll keep it short- the documentary talks about multiple things and yes, you guessed it, the involvement of Bill Gates in the vaccine industry. Aside from Bill Gates, it also mentions other things such as National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (1986) and the India vaccine controversy. It's like your overall conspiracy documentary, give or take. Fact checking websites deny its validity and so do major news outlets. Facebook banned it off its platforms and so on. It has been treated the same way Alex Jones was a few years ago- his presence all but gone except his own website.

I won't attack nor defend the things said in the documentary since I'm not trying to fact check it, but I'll say this much- it has a good side and a bad side, the good side being it does not deny the existence of COVID, the bad one being that its existence is tied to a convoluted web of US government officials, Bill Gates, some doctors, etc. Again, your typical conspiracy.

This being said, I liked some parts of it. The analysis of how big media companies treated alternative opinions was fascinating in my opinion. To sum it up, what the documentary states is that we, as thinking beings, try to build links in our mind with other related things. If all news outlets give us the same message, despite the fact that they usually have their own biases makes us think that that information is 100% objective and most likely correct. As an experiment, just search "are vaccines safe?".

Now that we're done with the review, did you know that this documentary actually went viral (hence the ban on Facebook)? That's a thinker. Many people saw it as the truth, while many others argued against it. The same thing happened for the forced lockdowns around the world- many supported them, many opposed them. This pandemic caused too much division among people. If you ask me, the best way to solve that is to have a calm talk over the issue while drinking a nice, refreshing beverage of whatever you want. I'd love to talk to an anti-vaxxer. I'd love to talk to an epidemiologist all the same. We're allowed to have differing opinions. The moment we won't be allowed, however, is when we know something is terribly wrong.

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Paul Bîrzu
Paul Bîrzu
Sep 20, 2021

eu cred in dumnezeu nu covrig 19

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