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A Message to My Teacher...

With a new school year beginning, multiple teachers have left ISB. Even though we are excited and supportive for their future, we are upset to be losing such amazing teachers that had a huge impact on our lives. That is why Violeta has written a heartfelt message to one of her teachers that has left last year in order to remind her of what she means to her and how much she helped her.

By Violeta Banica to Miss Tuba

Dear Miss Tuba,

I am writing on behalf of everyone to thank you for your constant support. You have taught us so many things and I actually remember most of them. It means a lot to us that you have put in so much effort to help our futures. We want you to know that we love, appreciate and admire you; despite the stacks of homework or surprise tests. Adding to the equations, you also taught us about life; compassion, patience, limits, forgiveness. One thing I’ll always remember was last winter, when I spread my coat on the floor and fell asleep. You looked at me, laughed, and carried on with the lesson. So thank you for not giving up on us, thank you for giving us second chances (and third, fourth, thousandth..), thank you for listening and thank you for being there all these years. It means the world to us. Any school is lucky to have you, and we are so sad to see you go.

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