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What is Energy Efficiency Day?

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Energy efficiency day is an international event which takes place on October 7th to raise awareness concerning the rational use of energy used in our everyday life. The principle of this day is “Save Money. Cut Carbon. Breathe Easier”. Several organizations aid this cause and display the benefits provided on this specific day.

Us humans have sheltered ourselves into a world that simply cannot pull through without the use of energy. It has already been implemented into everything we do whether it's for survival or a commodity. The use of energy is to our own advantage, yet the complete opposite towards the environment.

Energy efficiency usually refers to replacing the use of energy used with non energy methods, or in many cases simply using less of it in our day to day lives. By investing our time into getting to learn about this particular topic, a variety of benefits are presented to us, such as: household costs decrease, we could reduce greenhouse emissions and so on.

Moving aside from this, our own school could take this as an example and implement it to be more energy efficient. For instance, seeing how having a no electricity day could cause problems, since the school is on a hybrid schedule. However, we could always use the school roof to place solar panels.

In conclusion, I believe that this day should be one we keep into account, regarding our doings towards our very own future generations, and instead focus on improving the aspects of our life where we go wrong.

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