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Bucharest’s Hidden Gems: Thrift Shops

Growing up in Bucharest, I knew very little of how to spend my free time around the city. However, once I got to traveling in and around the beautiful capital, I realized just how many vintage shops can be easily found in Bucharest. Since I do not plan on gatekeeping, here are the city’s best charity shops (with Google Maps links).

  • Monda

A chain of charity shops, Monda has locations all over and promises cheap prices and various finds. I recommend visiting earlier during the day as your chances of discovering a unique item are higher. 

  • Humana

Another chain of shops, Humana provides multiple items that come at fair prices. Their shops tend to be filled with clothes and guarantee a fun experience.

  • Pravalia de la colt

This place specializes in items rather than clothes, but the reviews recall how wonderful it is to visit the shop. 

  • Bine Boutique

The boutique offers new and vintage clothes, while its profits are affiliated with charities such as the Red Cross. If you want something ‘new’ while supporting a cause, this is the place to check out!

  • Quattro Torianni

A stylish shop close to Gara de Nord, Quattro Torianni promises unique pieces with fair prices that will leave you wanting to return.

  • Faine vintage shop

Hidden amidst the enchanting Calea Victoriei, this shop is not as popular amongst the general public as it might seem. They offer unique pieces, however, I should note, it is quite small and the prices are not as generous as the previous places.

  • Hippie hippie shake

This quirky shop is not a thrift store, but I thought I should mention its unusual and fun approach to fashion. Check it out!


  • Op Shop

To finish our list, I need to mention Op Shop. Their centrally located shops and modern hip is sure to leave you with something special and trendy. Pss! Sometimes they open their backstage which is filled with mysterious and beautiful clothes… check their social media for more!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. :) 

I hope to see one of you at my next visit to one of these shops, since fashion shouldn’t cost the Earth.

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