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Why we should stop having children

“Although the good things in one’s life make it go better than it otherwise would have gone, one could not have been deprived by their absence if one had not existed. Those who never exist cannot be deprived. However, by coming into existence one does suffer quite serious harms that could not have befallen one had one not come into existence.” 

— David Benatar (Professor at the University of Cape Town)

Did you know that six in ten caregivers all around the world think that child abuse is a suitable form of discipline?

I found that to be quite baffling too, but it proves the stark reality that most adults around the world do not know how to raise children anymore. Not even going over the fact that having children to begin with is a stupid and childish idea. Many are mentally incapable or unwilling to do so. 

People tend to have children at a young age, which not only harms the “parents” but the children too. Parents just give them an iPad and call it a day. No wonder most of them grow up to be uneducated. In my honest opinion, children are nothing but a financial burden. Meaningless, an impulse. Teen pregnancy and paternal leave is on the rise. Because people don’t think. You cannot fathom what it is like to be a parent until you are. People do not consider the consequences of their actions and few care about protected sex. 

But why do people want to have children to begin with?

Some might be curious, some might give in to social pressure, and some may want to save their failing relationships by binding themselves together with a child. It even happens by complete accident. Nobody knows how to raise children. We’re in a society that does not take that into consideration. To raise a child you have to be mature. You need to take responsibility. You need to drop everything for the sake of your child and love them more than you love yourself. But many have children while they’re in their 20s as proven by recent statistics. Many are immature and generally unprepared.

So what ends up happening to these children?

Many are abused, thrown aside, left without parents and thrown into foster home after foster home. And when they’re older, they end up just like their parents. Mindlessly having children that they will neglect. I can guarantee that. Because that’s how they were raised. A child learns from their parents, they act like their parents, mimic them, and follow their every step. And if all they’ve learned is neglect and suffering. It is pretty easy to imagine what will happen to them. 

We are actively dooming society. There are far too many of us. Because sometimes it’s also not just about how many of us there are in terms of numbers, but also how much we are consuming. But I digress. Suffering is guaranteed, none of us asked to be here. A climate crisis, a flagging economy, generational trauma. You’re not doing any good to society or the world by having children. As a matter of fact, according to Travis Reider, writing for CNBC, if we were to have at least one less child, that would have a great effect on reducing carbon dioxide emissions. People like to hurt others if they aren’t raised by the right people. Some of these children could go on to become serial killers or child rapists, if you think your child will go on to do something good for the world I am afraid you are mistaken. Tell me. When was the last time someone won The Nobel Prize? Nobody can help you in choosing the right path. 

I've given all the arguments I could possibly think of against having children and why it is stupid. You can still have children if you so desire. I am unable to stop you. But I urge you to consider the consequences of your actions. This is just my opinion, I don't want to hurt anyone’s feelings, you are entitled to your own opinion. I maintain my beliefs.

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