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“Life under COVID-19”- A new student-run fundraiser

Inspired by the harsh, unprecedented circumstances of this global pandemic which have left so many vulnerable people in unfortunate circumstances, as well as a memorable project from his past school, Matei Miu, year 13 student at ISB, has started a new fundraising campaign called “Life under COVID-19”, which celebrates art, and aims to help raise money for orphanages in Romania.

Matei, along with his team of year 12 and 13 students, have started this creative project as a means of helping their community, while staying home and safe from the coronavirus. This whole-school project is open to students from year 1, all the way to year 13, and requires students to submit an art piece that falls under one of these three categories: performing arts (short films, singing/dance performances, acting etc.); visual arts (paintings, comics, sculptures, drawings, digital art etc.) and literary arts (stories, poems, extracts etc.). These pieces will be judged and praised by passionate critics assigned to each category, and each student will receive a prize for participating.

After the judging, the art pieces will be auctioned and sold off to bidders that decide to participate, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to a reliable foundation which supports orphanages in Romania. We encourage parents or any other willing adults to participate in the auction for this amazing cause.

If you are interested in participating you can register on the website, and can also contact the team on their Instagram @life_under_covid19 for more information. Remember that the competition is open to all artistic levels and all creative takes on the prompt “Life under COVID-19”. The main focus is on helping those in need during these turbulent times, as well as encouraging ISB students to express themselves and be creative. We know that this pandemic has been extremely challenging for everyone, so what better way to release your emotions than through creating artwork, and help vulnerable communities in the process.

This project is truly inspiring and we hope that more students will be willing to participate. Remember that it is for a great cause, and that you don’t have to be an amazing artist to participate. Find out more information and sign up on the website, and support the project, as well as communicate with the team, on the Instagram page @life_under_covid19. I am looking forward to seeing the bright future of this project!

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