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Helping Families Celebrate Easter - Un Paște Mai Bun

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

With the coming of Spring, the annual Easter preparations can begin. While most of us are fortunate enough to not worry about having to miss celebrations due to certain factors, some families living in Romania may face this reality. Whilst the past year has been difficult on all of us, the families living within more rural areas have faced much harsher realities than they would have if it had not been for the pandemic.

As with past years, ISB is hosting yet again its annual charity campaign “Un Paște Mai Bun” (a better easter). The project aims to help 10,000 families in Romania to celebrate the Easter holiday, by offering them a box filled with food and sweets for children. The boxes are estimated to cost around 75 lei each and will all be given to the families mentioned. Students and parents can donate money until the 24th of April 2021 via envelopes placed in a box at the reception, or via bank transfer to Fundația Tuna (Tuna Foundation) - IBAN: RO17 RNCB 0082 0320 2983 0001, with the note “DONAȚIE PENTRU UN PAȘTE MAI BUN”.

In the past few years ISB has managed to help over 6500 families who are less fortunate, within 34 different cities. The project had also started last year, however due to the coronavirus restrictions only 2941 families were helped, in 15 cities. Each year ISB hopes to grow this number, so that many more families can receive the help and donations they deserve.

The project does not only help the disadvantaged families, but it also helps the ISB

community in that it allows us to get more involved, and children can learn the importance of helping others who are not as advantaged as them by getting involved; even if their actions might seem small, they could bring a smile to an adult or child’s face.

Once the packages are ready, they will be distributed to families all across the country,

including places like Bucharest, Ilfov, Giurgiu, Constanța, Cluj-Napoca, Iași, Oradea and

Ploiești, with a total of 7000 packages for Bucharest-Ilfov, and 500 packages per city in other parts of Romania. The cities above are locations of the Lumina Foundation schools, which will also take care of the packaging and distribution of the packages.

To further increase the amount of help we can offer, we respectfully request all students and parents to get involved in the charity, even if it is just donating a small sum of money. As well as this, we would like to kindly ask our ISB community members to continue promoting the campaign “Un Paște Mai Bun - 2021”.

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